The Coffee Shop

by Sakshi Sarawgi2020-06-11 00:00:00 +0000

picture of The Coffee Shop
There was something about that old coffee shop that carried so many stories with her. I remember I was sitting on that small table waiting for his call. I was very frustrated and impatient because the time difference was now killing me. Meanwhile, the frustration was forming a cyclone inside my brain, I saw someone right next to my table with a bunch of yellow roses and a big smile on his face. everybody around was looking at him and laughing as if he was a joker. He used to sit there for hours with a big smile waiting patiently for the love of his life. Smoked two and a half cigarettes and two cups of espresso. I saw him every day coming to that coffee shop, waiting with fresh flowers, smoked and after 2 hours go back disappointed. I walked towards his table to sit and understand him and all he did was gave me a letter which says "Meet me at our favorite place at 5 where you proposed to me and promised to stay with me forever". The letter was one month old and he was waiting for her to come for one month. This is pathetic. I told myself. How could she just leave him waiting like this and now she is lost may be found someone new? He left but before that, he told me one thing which left me with a question mark on my thoughts. After someday of overthinking and frustrated mind I go back to that old cafe, order the same old coffee, wait for his call, again when I realize something strange. That old man was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he realized that she betrayed him but when I asked that old lady, she said he died a few days back. And his love of life died exactly one month back in an accident when she was coming here to meet him. Things got clear in my mind. " Don't let him go" was the last thing he told him. And that was the last time I visited that old coffee shop because things changed after that. I left him, he found someone better and I am still stuck with my frustration and still waiting for his call to come, one day.