Surviving the uncertain

by Divyansh Kedia2020-06-11 00:00:00 +0000

picture of Surviving the uncertain
Most of us have stayed at home 24/7 over the last two months or more which has been difficult as most of us were so habituated with our daily lifestyle and its consistency. Everyone has been suffering and dealing from the pandemic in their own way. Some of us are going through tougher times, it becomes necessary to remember that everyone else is going through their own share of problems and it does not make it any easier for them either.
People have involved themselves in cooking, some have started their own ventures, some just playing games, few are working from home for their business or profession and this showcases that people are turning these uncertain times into an opportunity and being productive which in return is helping them grow. They are doing an amazing job, but what about people who are just surviving? Who are just going with the flow? This does not mean they are lazy, unproductive, untalented or useless. They are just taking one day at a time, at their own pace. The competitive nature surely drives one forward, but it might also be the reason for making people feel ‘not good enough’.
The social media feeds are full of motivational content about how to be productive and survive the race in life so that you are not left behind. To those people out there who are victims of societal pressure and are doing this just to ‘survive the competition’, here’s my message to you: ‘it’s okay to live life at your own pace and though things will go back to a “new normal”, I am sure you will deal with it with consistency and strive forward. If you still feel obligated, then try adding a little consistency of your own and be productive in your own way as you are you, you are different. Don’t join the rat race to be like others, take things the way you want to and set an example, make each day a milestone, but don’t ever forget to live.’
We should all be supportive to the people around us and should not add more expectations as hasn’t our mental health suffered enough by this pandemic already?