How to succeed in life

by Manya Dhawan2020-06-11 00:00:00 +0000

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‘’ If you don’t sacrifice for what you want
What you want becomes a sacrifice’’.

My father once told me that the real dream that you need to chase is the one that keeps you up at night, and to turn that dream into reality I need to have a master plan. He told me one more thing that ‘A dream without a plan is just a wish’ , and to be honest that thing really stayed in my head, it was then that I understood that dreams are not that we see while sleeping , it is something that doesn’t let you sleep. Indeed, my parents have never pressurised me, all they have told me is to figure out what is my dream and how can I achieve it. I have always been taught that what I want to be, first I have to see that, because if you haven’t seen something you cannot be that. You need to know what it takes to become something; you need to know what sacrifices you need to do, what efforts are needed. You need to have your own strategy, because we all are different, there might be some things that would work for one person, while the same might not work for the other.
We all are on different roads, our destination maybe the same, but to achieve our goal, we need our own tactics, our own plan, and remember you always need to have a backup plan too. If your plan doesn’t work change the plan not the goal. You have this one chance where you have to prove yourself, and you have to prove others wrong, don’t let this chance go waste. To turn your passion into profession you need to know what you are good at, what you love, how can you benefit others by your work and how do you get paid for it. To be successful you need to think what the demand of the people is, it has never been about what you can produce, it is all about what world the world needs.
You need to learn something new every second, you are never too old to learn something, and you learn the best when you don’t know that you are learning. If you are pushed in a room to study, you might get distracted but when you learn something through an activity, that’s when you learn and remember things, that’s when you grow. When you have a confusion about what you want to become in life think 40 years ahead from now, and imagine yourself be that, and if that gives you goosebumps and happiness then pursue it. One big problem with us is that we all are trying to find the right answers, and no one is looking for the right questions, but to be successful you really need to find those right questions.
In life you come across a number of people, and when you see them , some might seem ahead of you while some might seem behind you , but remember that everything in life happens according to our own clock , our own time , so dont let anyone rush you with their timelines . You have to create an eloquent, a significant life for yourself and then learn how can you make a difference in others life. You need to remember the real goal of life.
‘’When you create yourself around what you do, you can never be happy because that is something external, but when you create your identity around who you are, then the impossible is also possible ‘’.