Repti-Leo Human

by Charvi Trivedi2020-06-21 00:00:00 +0000

picture of Repti-Leo Human

The sunlight infiltrated through my bedroom windows and I lazily opened my eyes. ‘9 a.m.’ my clock read. Too early for a Sunday. However, I jumped out of bed and made my way into the kitchen, assuming my parents would be devouring their breakfast and reading the newspaper. That’s when I saw a tiny piece of paper pinned with the refrigerator magnet. “Some urgent work came up. Will be home by 2p.m. Love, Mom and Dad.” Who works on a Sunday? My brilliant scientist parents. Well, I was happy to have the entire house to myself. After a quick shower, I entered the kitchen again to fix myself some breakfast. But I stopped dead in my tracks. Through the kitchen window, I saw a humanlike figure standing in my backyard, with its hands outstretched. It looked like the figure was trying to soak up sunlight. Adrenaline rushed through my veins and for a moment I stood there, transfixed. However, I mustered up my courage, picked up a big frying pan and quietly opened the door. The figure did not seem to notice me. I tiptoed towards the figure and was about to aim for the head when suddenly the figure turned. It was a boy, roughly my age. His face was normal, but his arms were covered with gruesome scale-like tattoos, reddish-black in color. He gave me a big smile and said, “Hi, I’m Leo. Nice to meet you”. In a confronting manner, I said, “What are you doing in my backyard? I will call the police right away.” The wide smile never left his face. He calmly replied “Don’t worry, I mean no harm. I am from the world of The Cold Blooded”. As he was talking, I noticed the weird shape of his tongue. It was a forked tongue resembling that of a reptile, pink and slimy. I was even more stunned when he mentioned about coming from a different world altogether. I looked at him skeptically. “In my world, we are evolved directly from reptiles. To be precise, we share a lot of our traits with chameleons. It can be called as an evolutionary glitch, but we exist as cold-blooded humans in my world “he continued, ignoring my perplexed expression. Cursing myself for not switching on the local news to know whether any psychopath was on the loose, I said “I do not believe you”. Leo immediately removed his jacket and lay down on the grass. As if on cue, his abdominal region started turning green till it camouflaged with the color of the ground. My eyes widened. I chafed them but the sight did not change. It was not a dream. Was I hallucinating? Leo said “I know you have a lot of questions. We can sit here and talk”. All I could do was nod. I offered him to have a seat inside the kitchen, but he politely refused. “We need to bask in a lot of sunlight to keep our brains functioning” he said. “Why is it like that?” I asked in a confused tone. “Being cold blooded, we do not need to eat every day since we maintain our temperature according to our surroundings. Since we eat less, the brain, which uses about 20%of our caloric consumption, does not get enough energy to function. We get all this energy from sunlight” he said. “Oh, I see! Since you share your traits with chameleons, how often can you change your colours? I’m sure the criminals in your world would never be caught since all they would do is blend in the surroundings!” I asked, enthusiastically. Leo chuckled and said “Cool thought but we change color according to our mood. That is not all. It also depends on which wavelength of visible light is absorbed and reflected by the pigmented cells underneath our skins”. It was getting zany with each passing moment, but I wanted to keep him talking till I hatched a plan to capture this creature and call the cops. “So, what kind of diseases do you have in your world?” I asked. “We don’t really fall sick. Warm blooded bodies are the perfect environment for germs to proliferate but that is not so with cold blooded creatures.” Leo responded. “Why these tattoos?” I asked intriguingly. “They look like tattoos but are actually a reduced version of scales. However, it is believed that our next generation might evolve as warm- blooded creatures and these scales would disappear altogether” Leo said with a hint of sorrow. But one big query was still looming at the back of my mind. “Leo, how did you land up in my world?” I questioned. Leo gave a smile and said, “Let me show you”. He stood up and went near the kitchen door. I picked up my frying pan and followed him. I decided that now was the time to tie him up and call for help. He was a stranger after all. Just beside the door was a small opening, concealed by shrubs. Leo knelt and carefully brushed the shrubbery aside. I sat down beside him and peered inside. Before I could strike Leo’s head with the pan, he gave me a hard push which sent me tumbling down. I whirled around in complete darkness for five minutes and soon started feeling lightheaded. I landed on a hard, wooden floor, Leo beside me. I found myself in the kitchen of someone else’s house. Leo was not bluffing. I was in his world. As I took in the sight, I noticed two people on the small breakfast table, ready to eat. “I want to go back” my voice trembled with fury, along with a hint of fear. Leo stood up with a smirk on his face. “Well, let me tell you that in my world, we are evolved in a peculiar manner. We need to feed on warm blooded creatures at least once a month” Leo said with delight. Dread filled my mind as I shrieked helplessly. Leo’s smirk was the last thing I saw. The telephone rang, its tone piercing through the silence of the house. Mom was sick with worry after the shocking discovery she had made in the lab that day. She had to desperately get this message to her daughter…. ‘Do not step out of the house or allow any strangers inside. Reptileo humans from The Cold Blooded world have entered our world’.